Charles Paddock Zoo

The Charles Paddock Zoo in Atascadero, California was established in 1955 by Charles Paddock, a county park ranger who nursed wild animals back to health. Over time the zoo was moved from the animal shelter to its present site: 5 park-like acres … [Read more...]


Doves seem to like our community. I've had two nests outside my balcony over the past few years and others have had nests as well. I just don't like it when they call for mates around sunrise as I prefer to sleep in. … [Read more...]


Where I live now I sometimes hear woodpeckers but have never actually seen one to photograph. … [Read more...]


In the early Spring (actually late January or early February here on the West Coast) the first robins start to show up. … [Read more...]


I admit I'm not a cat person. When I was a child one I was petting got scared by a shadow coming around the corner and almost took my eye climbing over my head. But, I can't pass up good pictures regardless of the subject. … [Read more...]


Honey bees are useful insects and fairly hard photographic subjects in the wild as they flit about from flower to flower. … [Read more...]

Elephant Seals

In the winter the beaches at Piedras Blancas (GPS N35° 39' 45.4" W121° 15' 23.7" or about 4.5 miles north of Hearst Castle on Highway 1) are covered with elephant seal families. The males control harems of about 30 female seals and their growing … [Read more...]


Roadrunners are famous for getting in front of a vehicle and trying to pace themselves to the vehicle. We have a couple in our area. Interesting birds. … [Read more...]

Egret and Heron Pictures

The difference between herons and egrets is blurred and some birds have been moved from one species to another over time. For purposes here, an egret will be white and a heron some other color. … [Read more...]