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Tom SeriousHello! TomsFotos is set up for my photo stories and photo projects. As the name implies, it’s just for those of my photos I want to show. Much as I might want to develop a photo sharing site, there are many of those to choose from and I simply don’t have the resources to even try.

So, go there to archive your shots and come here to have a bit of fun with mine and, more particularly, visit the fun projects I will set up and the stories my pictures tell.

Projects? Yes. Now and again I’ll challenge myself and maybe you. There are no projects on-going now; maybe in a bit…

Finished Projects:

  • Macro a Day. 2014-08-13 Web MacroFor this project I challenged myself to post at least one macro photograph per day along with hints as to what it is a close-up of and then a link to a picture that shows the object the close-up photo came from. You had to click on a link to see the object so you have the opportunity to try to figure out what the object is before clicking the link. Have fun. Click on the title of this paragraph to see a complete list of all 365 pages plus notes. [Note: Some of these pictures will be simple close- up photos and others may stray into the micro-photo category.]

Photo Stories

Bee Hanging From FlowerPhoto stories represent a page or pages that show pictures of a particular subject. These will be divided into different categories to include…

  • Travel. Stories about various locations and my experiences there.
  • Animals. Collections of pictures taken of various animal types.

Thanks for coming and do come back–often.