Huntington Library

On 14 November 2013 I went on an excursion to the Huntington Library in San Marino, California…

My primary purpose in going was to see an exhibit featuring Junipero Serra. It was an excellent exhibit but photos were not allowed so the pictures below represent some of the other things I saw. There wasn’t time to see even a small percentage of the exhibits so my concentration was on the Serra exhibit and the Rose Hills Foundation Conservatory which houses an amazing collection of plants. Just so you see the extent, here is the map…

Huntington Library 01 Grounds Map

Huntington Library Grounds Map
14 Nov 2013

Huntington Library 02 Statue

One of Many Statues on the Grounds
14 Nov 2013

Everywhere you walk you will see art. I did not always find a sign saying what the artwork is and by whom like the statue you see here.

Huntington Library 03 Wall Growth

Growth on a Wall
14 Nov 2013

But, it’s not just statues and the like; even the buildings with vines growing on them can be considered art.

The building you see here had a display of older religious art at the time of my visit. Again, no pictures allowed.

Huntington Library 04 Building

One of the Art Display Buildings
14 Nov 2013

The building with the Serra exhibit did have some bronzes which did not have any “no photos” signs on them so those are presented here. The first three are “Morning,” “Day,” and “Evening” cast in 1938 by the artist Paul Howard Manship (1885-1966). They were back-lit and something of a challenge.

Huntington Library 05 Morning

Morning (1938) by Paul Howard Manship (1885-1966)
14 Nov 2013

Huntington Library 06 Day

Day (1938) by Paul Howard Manship (1885-1966)
14 Nov 2013

Huntington Library 07 Evening

Evening (1938) by Paul Howard Manship (1885-1966)
14 Nov 2013

A fourth bronze titles “Antelope and Hound” from 1916 by artist Wilhelm Hunt Diederich (1884-1953) was also on display.

Huntington Library 08 Antelope and Hound

Antelope and Hound (1916) by Wilhelm Hunt Diederich (1884-1953)
14 Nov 2013

After seeing the Serra exhibit I spent most of the rest of my time there exploring the Rose Hills Foundation Conservatory…

Huntington Library 10 Conservatory Sign

Conservatory Sign
14 Nov 2013

Huntington Library 09 Rose Hills Foundation Conservatory

Huntington Library Rose Hills Foundation Conservatory
14 Nov 2013

[In case you were wondering, the name picture above was taken from inside the building looking out and then flipped in editing so you could read the sign. 🙂 ]

At the entry the results of an orchid contest were on display. A number of unique varieties were on view…

Hungtington Library 12 Orchard 1

Orchid 1 From Contest
14 Nov 2013

Hungtington Library 13 Orchard 2

Orchid 2 From Contest
14 Nov 2013


Hungtington Library 14 Orchard 3

Orchid 3 From Contest
14 Nov 2013

The building itself consists of various climate rooms. The main building is basically a tropical rain forest with other rooms for cloud and bog conditions. The “weather” inside is closely controlled in both temperature and humidity.

Huntington Library 11 Inside Dome

Under the Conservatory Dome
14 Nov 2013

Plants in the main area are divided but some grow together…

Huntington Library 15 Growth on Growth

Growth on Growth
14 Nov 2013

Unique plants like this with the very large leaves can be found…

Huntington Library 17 Large Leaves

Large Leaves on Small Plant
14 Nov 2013

And, not all that grow are friendly…

Huntington Library 16 Spikes

Spikes but Not a Cactus
14 Nov 2013

Or, smell pretty. What you see here is the Titan Arum plant that, as part of its life cycle, produces one of the corpse-smelling flowers (not that day).

Huntington Library 18 Tital Arum

Titan Arum – Stinky Plant
14 Nov 2013

The other climate areas have their own different plant types…

Hunting Library 19 Pitcher Plant

One Type of Pitcher Plant
14 Nov 2013

Hungtington Library 20 Bog Plant

Another Plant Growing in a Bog
14 Nov 2013